BlockCAD 3.19

Have fun with this virtual Lego


  • Lots of Lego pieces available
  • Customizable colors


  • Perspective can be confusing
  • Interface buttons are not very clear

Very good

When I was a kid I used to spend countless hours playing with Lego. Now that I'm a bit older, I'm happy to have found a digital version of thos old colorful bricks.

BlockCAD is a mixture between an application and a game in which you can play around with Lego pieces and built anything you can think of – just like when you were a child. The only limit is your imagination!

BlockCAD includes hundred of Lego pieces in all shapes and sizes, with customizable colors as well. All you have to do is drag and drop them on the main window and arrange them on the working surface in order to build your personal Lego creation.

The program is very intuitive, though to be honest, it takes a while to get used to the three-dimensional perspective (I had to remove lots of pieces that weren't properly arranged). Also, buttons are not very clear until you select the 'Hints' option under the gear menu. Finally, while there's an option to edit pieces, the editor itself is not very clear either.

BlockCAD is an entertaining Lego game that, in spite of not being very intuitive at first, is certain to remind you of happy childhood times.



BlockCAD 3.19

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